Article: Gown Destroying Photos

It may seem to go against the grain of every bride-to-be to ‘destroy’ her beautiful wedding dress after the event. However, the innovative approach that some photographers are taking to wedding photography has proven to be extremely popular. Of course, it should be noted that dresses may seem to be past the point of revival after the photo shoot, but it is usually nothing that a trip to the drycleaners cannot resolve.

Prompted by the request of many brides to have something different for their wedding photographs, professionals have resorted to pushing these pictures to the extreme. This has led to the new trend that can be seen on Here, bridal couples have gone for a post-wedding shoot in their outfits, ready to do whatever the photographer requires of them and whatever inspires them in the moment. This has included splashing paint on one another, skiing down snowy alps, surfing in the salty waves and bungee jumping into deep gorges, all while wearing their elegant wedding attire. What makes these photographs so special is that the activity being shown in the pictures are something that reflects the bridal couple’s personalities, hobbies and interests. Therefore, avid rock climbers may display their love and the celebration of their union by roughing the cliff faces or abseiling in harnesses that are tightened over their outfits. Horse riding brides can gallop across fields with their dress hiked above their knees, while surfing grooms can try their hand at catching waves in a tux. More conservative couples have merely chosen to go into a location that they would not have dared on the wedding day for fear of dirtying their outfits, such as a forest or abandoned train station.

Because these photos are taken after the ceremony and reception, the bridal couple still has the option of having traditional wedding photos taken on the day. Many couples who opt for this adventurous style may actually have been married years ago, wanting to do something fun and exciting with the gown that has been folded in a box or hanging in the wardrobe unseen.

It is a great anniversary gift as it reminds couples of the glamour, pomp and ceremony of the wedding day, while bringing in laughter and a definite naughtiness for both the husband and wife. The flexibility allowed by such shoots is never-ending and encourages the creativity of the couple and the photographer to shine through every picture.

These photographs also make for excellent pictures to send to guests as “Thank You” cards for the wedding presents. Watching the couple splash one another with brightly-coloured paint will be worth keeping and will definitely spark some interesting conversations amongst family and friends.

Finding a photographer that has experience in such progressive photography may be a tough task. It is important that your photographer gets to know you as a couple - your interests, careers and hobbies – and uses this information in innovative ways in his shots. It is also important to be flexible and to allow creativity and a touch of craziness to permeate the photo shoot so that yours are truly unique and memorable snaps.

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