Article: Photo Displays at your Wedding

Displaying photographs at your wedding reception is a great way to engage guests as well as to involve them (if they are included in some of the shots). They can bring back memories, cause a few laughs, and let guests indulge in some of the more intimate moments of you, as a couple, alone. There are a range of options for brides and grooms wanting a novel way to display photographs at their reception venue.

Digital Frames

Upload some of your favourite pictures of you, as a couple, as well as of the friends and family members that will be at the wedding. Include old and new (scan old pictures in for a digital version). Place a few digital frames (widely available) throughout the venue and have the pictures displayed on a ‘slideshow’. You may even want to ask guests to bring a memory card of a selection of photographs. These can be uploaded (assign someone to do this) at the reception for a wider variety of shots.

Photo Frame

Choose your favourite ‘couple photo’ and frame it. Include a large portion of blank border around the photograph and have no glass in the frame. Encourage all of your guests to write personal messages in the border around the photograph and then insert the glass frame after the event. This is a great way to preserve memories of your special day and all the people that shared it with you.

Flower Power

Place photographs in a small frame attached to a long wire ‘stem’. Put these amongst the flowers in the centrepiece as additional ‘blooms’ to be enjoyed by the guests. You could use several photographs per centrepiece and may decide to make them specific to the guests at that particular table. For example, find photographs of one or both of you with each of the people that will be sitting at a certain table so that their centrepiece is relevant and meaningful to them.

Share the Wedding Experience

Ask each couple to bring a wedding photograph of themselves to be displayed at the reception. Of course, this works better for couples who have mostly married friends and family members. Young couples may find this a little more difficult if their friend base is still largely single or unmarried. However, if most of the guests can cooperate, these pictures are wonderful to see; some of them black & white, others in true 1960’s style, and so on.

Garland Glamour

Stick select photographs to flowers made of card or paper and string these together as a colourful garland. This can be hung above the entrance or over a fireplace. If you want to include guests in these photographs, ask them to provide you with pictures well ahead of the time so that these can be incorporated. This is also something that can be kept for years to come.

By including such memories of your friends and loved ones or just pictures of you and your new partner at various stages of your relationship, the reception is given a very special ambience of reminiscence.