Article: Taking House-bound Wedding Pictures

Where to take your wedding photographs is a major decision, influenced by several factors. It needs to be close to the ceremony and reception venues so that travelling time is reduced. It needs to be clean enough that your outfit will not get dirty, and it needs to be remarkable enough to set the backdrop of one of the most important days of your life. This is a tall order, and not all bridal couples have flexibility in their available options. A fun, cost-effective and versatile option is to use the various rooms of a house as your setting. Choose a house that you love for its architecture, décor and ambience and make this house the third subject in your photographs.

It is wise to ensure that the character of the house is in line with the theme of your wedding. Therefore, if you have a modern, glamorous wedding, then a contemporary-style home with sea- or city views is a definite winner. Alternatively, if your wedding is more 'country' in nature, use a gorgeous old farm house with broad wooden door frames and lead pane windows, for example. In this way, the setting actually adds so much more to your wedding photographs than a generic backdrop.

Some examples of how to use rooms effectively include:


There are all sorts of wonderful scenarios that can be painted out in a kitchen full of appliances, crockery and cutlery. Having the bride up to her elbows in soap suds from a sink full of dishes as the groom dutifully dries them puts a fun twist on the rather pessimistic clichés of married life. Alternatively, having the bride and groom share a cup of coffee over their morning toast while in full wedding attire is romantic, casual and full of love. A slightly 'hotter' idea is to seat the bride on a kitchen counter with her legs wrapped around the waist of her groom as he kisses her neck or forehead. The kitchen is the central room in many homes, and has connotations of family gatherings, romantic dinners and days spent experimenting with new and exciting flavours.


There is nothing quite as romantic and luxurious than a foam bath. The bathroom also implies a sense of privacy. Fill the bath with petals, bubbles or candles and seat the bride on its rim for a dreamy, reflective pose. Alternatively, introduce some fun as the bride and groom pretend to be shaving (legs and face) or brushing their teeth in front of the mirror.


Create a tender moment by getting the groom to start unlacing or unbuttoning the back of her dress with the luxurious bed in the background. Another great bedroom pose it to seat the bride in front of the dressing table mirror as she touches up her make up or arranges her hair, while he looks on in the unfocussed distance. It is vital that, while intimate and gentle, this room not be used to create a cheap picture with overt sexual innuendos, unless that is the specific desire of the couple.

Porch / Verandah

This area gives the couple the opportunity to include the scenery of the outdoors, while maintaining the backdrop of the house. They can enjoy a quiet moment together as they look into the distance or share a swing seat in solitude over a steaming cup of tea or a refreshing glass of lemonade. Alternatively, have the couple sit on the porch floor with the view behind them, playing cards or marbles. This gives viewers a hint of the type of relationship they will enjoy in years to come, reminiscent of happy childhood years.

These are just a few examples of how different rooms in a house can be used effectively to create a romantic, relaxed photo shoot. The keys are to communicate with your photographer so that he or she is aware of exactly the sort of feel you desire as well as to choose a gorgeous house that shares the look and feel of your wedding day.