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  Choosing Your Photographer

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Since most of the couples planning a large wedding with a formal photographer are first-timers, it can be difficult to know what to ask your photographer to be sure that he or she is the ideal person for you. Being prepared and communicating candidly mean...

  Gown Destroying Photos

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Written by: Wedding Focus Team

It may seem to go against the grain of every bride-to-be to ‘destroy’ her beautiful wedding dress after the event. However, the innovative approach that some photographers are taking to wedding photography has proven to be extremely popular. Of course, it...

  Important Wedding Photographs

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It's your wedding day and your photos are play an important role in looking back at your wedding in years ahead. With the rush of everyday life plus the planning of your wedding, sometimes thinking a little harder about what photographs one may want for t...

  Photo Displays at your Wedding

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Written by: Wedding Focus Team

Displaying photographs at your wedding reception is a great way to engage guests as well as to involve them (if they are included in some of the shots). They can bring back memories, cause a few laughs, and let guests indulge in some of the more intimate ...

  Scrapbooking Your Wedding Photographs

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Scrapbooking is one of the most personal ways of presenting photographs in an album. It encourages self-expression, personal taste and your own inspiration to determine the style and theme of the scrapbook, rather than merely having pages and pages of pri...

  Surviving the Photo Shoot

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For a lot of people, photos can be one of the worse part of one’s wedding, especially for those who consider themselves as being “non photogenic”.
But, at the end of the day, everyone loves the photos no matter what and every bridal couple ...

  Taking House-bound Wedding Pictures

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Written by: The Wedding Focus Team

Where to take your wedding photographs is a major decision, influenced by several factors. It needs to be close to the ceremony and reception venues so that travelling time is reduced. It needs to be clean enough that your outfit will not get dirty, and i...

  Using Animals in your Wedding Photographs

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Written by: The Wedding Focus Team

Because your wedding photographs are designed to reflect your personalities, passions and interests as well as act as mementoes of this most important day, many couples wish to include their pets or other animals in them because of their love for these on...

  Wedding Photography at a Destination Wedding

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Written by: Wedding Focus Team

Planning a wedding in a place in which you do not actually live is a challenge at the best of times. However, more and more couples are combining the wedding and honeymoon by formalising their union at a destination (such as Greece or Mauritius).

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