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I've dabbled in psychology, religion studies, PR, management and food.

But the artist in me yearned for something more and my scientific brain wanted stimulation. And thus my love for photography came to be. Now I get to let the artist in me loose while my inherent logical streak assists to create beautiful and striking images of my favorite subject: PEOPLE

Being involved with people has been at the core of my learning throughout my existence on this earth school. Whatever I've done had people and souls connected to it. I love humans, real people. I love getting to know them, seeking and finding that which makes their soul unique.

Let me capture your soulís uniqueness or the essence of the moment youíre in. Leave your memories in my loving hands. It would be an honor and pleasure.

Carien Hove obtained her internationally recognized diploma from The Photography Institute.

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Carien Hove
Cell: +27 (0)83 678 9668
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