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As you Page through wedding magazines, each image that you set sight upon gives you a certain emotion, “I like the feel of this photograph”, “her makeup looks so good in this shot”,“wow, they look so happy”, “this is a stunning venue”. To name a few.

A fantastic image should ignite your senses, it should receive a reaction from everyone around you.

It is this emotion that we strive to deliver to each and every client!

As a special moment happens on your wedding day, we not only want to capture it, our satisfaction comes from that moment being pin sharp, perfectly exposed, well composed, and through the use of our lighting- amazingly lit, all without retakes, as we believe that the moment only happens once.

As two qualified professional photographers, Phonix Capture is there to guarantee that the entire day runs smooth and relaxed.

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Tel: Karen Musica: +27(0) 72 758 8355
Cell: Sven Musica: +27(0) 82 709 6688
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