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As a professional, I have been involved in planning weddings from top to bottom, and combined with my passion for photography, wedding photography has become a focus of mine. Photography is a professional career which I have came into by chance. I started my career by taking photographs of my daughters and friends children and continued from there.

My idea of photography is depicting people as they really are: “lifestyle photography”.

Taking photographs has shown me the importance of recording our memories and how important photographs will be in the future, it is looking back and remembering a time in your life which meant the world to you.


In the Calendar of life events, a wedding ranks very near the top of the list in terms of significance. And in the weeks, months and years following the wedding day, it is a portfolio of wedding photographs that most vividly recalls the happiness and fun of the day.

The element that a modern day couple requires is a sense of fun, natural poses and spontaneous shots that record the day as it really was.

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Sally Haines
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