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Gauteng Wedding Photographers

Based in Gauteng, Fourways, Valente Bosch Photography offers outstanding Wedding, Portrait and Advertising services. We’re constantly evolving, shaping and creating exceptional, vibrant and creative professional images, delivering the highest possible quality images without losing focus on our clients needs and wants.

Our images are inspiring and pleasing to the eye, which engages the viewer, leaving them satisfied, wanting more. Above all, we never sacrifice quantity for quality. We remain focused on the quality and deliver timeless images that truly satisfy each of our clients needs.

With many years of both film and digital photography and post production experience, Valente Bosch Photography is well versed to make images that naturally springs forth from a creative vision, an eye for detail and a instinct for excellent composition. This allows us to provide extraordinary customer care with an attentive service and unsurpassed product excellence that is Elegant and Charming. This allows the bride and groom to truly enjoy their wedding celebration.

Our love for wedding photography comes from a heart of joy as we see, feel and capture incredible moments of affection and celebration between the bride, groom and their loved ones.

Valente Bosch Photography is constantly embracing new technology as it becomes available. Making use of top photographic gear and the best post production facilities, we can effortlessly capture and create images of top quality.

With a relaxed shooting approach and strong visual composition, we fuse the elements of Editorial fashion and Formal styles together, giving our images a distinctive look with rich warm colours and textures.

After each shoot, all the images are carefully selected to tell a story, wich will for many years be told, admired and viewed again and again. Each couple is unique and each wedding shoot is unique. No one album will ever be the same.

Being sensitive and caring, capturing these incredible emotions and unfolding love taking place on a couple's wedding day, allows us to provide each couple with a tangible reminder of this precious day, which will make their memories live forever. These beautiful memories caught for a lifetime in these amazing collection of images for each couple is done with a heart of love and a masters touch.

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