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I believe that photography is a form of art, that it captures a moment in time, makes a statement and evokes an emotion to the viewer. The best art is almost always non deliberate, not staged and as natural as possible. That is what I attempt to capture on the day, in order for the photographs to be original, the couple needs to be themselves. I think that the best way to do so is to meet beforehand, to strike up a good relationship and for the couple or family to be confident in what I am attempting to capture for them.

I always try to get a feel for the people that I am capturing and thereby tailor make the photo shoot to their requirements. This always ensures that even though there may be a similar pose, the facial expression, body shape and ease of movement sets the captured moment apart.

I am extremely passionate about what I do, I still read up on and research the latest trends in photography to stay current and ensure that the couple is satisfied with the outcome. At the end of the day, this is not about me; this is about capturing the moments that will forever be emblazoned in the memories of the viewer. I strive to ensure that the moments that define their lives are captured in the most poignant and honest way.

I would love to help you capture your memories in the best art form.

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